Sharing Section (share your collection here)

Short version: You can share your sample collection in this comment section, feel free to ask for samples as well.

Long version: Sorry guys, I have been busy,  my last log-in was like 5 months ago or so. A guy sent me some Roland samples, but files were deleted by the time i read the email. (Sorry !!)

Therefore, I think it would be best if you guys share your sample collection in this comment section rather than send them to me, so that other people would still be able to get those samples even I’m away. Also free free to ask for samples in this section.

There is no “Comment Censorship” at all since day1, so don’t worry, your comments will appear immediately.

If you don’t know where to host the file, then plz check out Google Drive, One Drive, MediaFire, they are all good for long term file hosting.

Things that you may want to know (eg:PW for unzipping…)


  • pw = akai, roland or emu, depends on the format. (30 Jan 2019)
  • Without pw protection, Google Drive would block some files from accessing.
  • CDXtract is likely the best app for converting AKAI/EMU/Roland to other modern formats such as Kontakt/Halion
  • .MDX is Daemon Tools’ native format which can be converted to .ISO/burned to CDs
  • You will probably be told that those image files are unsupported/unreadable.
    The truth is: Yea…those files are unsupported by current Win/Mac OS.
    Simply dismiss the error message, Daemon Tools should mount them just fine.
  • To sum up, You need:
    – Daemon Tools
    – Conversion Software (if you are going to use them on computer)
    (CDXtract/Kontakt/Halion/Extreme Sample Converter(AKAI/EMU)/Chicken Translator/EXS24 mkII(AKAI)) (6 Jan 2018)
  • Warning: Kontakt5 seems to have issues with modern MacOS regarding AKAI import, just google “AKai CD import no longer works in Mac OS 10.9.5”

  • PS:
    If you are going to use them on computer, get Daemon Tools Lite (Free)
    If you are going to use them on vintage samplers, get commercial version and then burning them all to CDs within trial period if you dont want to pay for it 😉
    During installation, Daemon Tools may ask if you like to install some other apps(Adware), take my advice, DON’T install them.
  • I haven’t earned a single penny by posting these samples (I don’t give a shit though)
  • if you appreciate my uploads please take a look at Wanted List (or share other unreleased sample CDs)

Wanted List

Please share if you have any of them

NI Komplete 3

Prosonus – Orchestral Collection / 1CD AKAI

Propeller Island – Complete Gamelon / ?CD AKAI

Xsample Vol. 1-9 AKAI  (except vol. 3, 5)

Prosonus – Grand Piano / 1CD AKAI

Best Service – Advanced Orchestra Upgrade ’97 / 3CD AKAI (only need CD2 & CD3, CD1 was uploaded at Misc.)

(23-jan-2019:  dont send me the files, instead, plz post them in Sharing Section, thank you!)


(Update: 25-5-2017)

thanks to the one who forwarded me the link, and thanks to the original uploader Ryan as well.
Not sure but some of these samples seem to be in Ensoniq format, if so, mount the image and then run Kontakt



Synthline – WaldorfPulse  (Thanks to the provider)

Korg Collection (Raw) (Thanks to the provider)

Advanced Orchestra Upgrade 97 CD1 (Thanks to the provider)


some samples from early 2000s

(Update: 5-6-2017)




Absynth 2

Roland Sample CDs

Roland Sample CDs – Offical

23 April 2019 (Thanks to the supplier)
Complete Roland Sample Collection

(Update: 28-8-2016)

L-CD7-01 Rhythm Section 1

(Update: 16-1-2017)

L-CDC-01 Jazz

L-CD7-02 Orchestral Family 1 & 2  (Strings + Brass)

L-CDP Keyboards of the 60’s and 70’s Vol. 1 & 2

L-CDP Africa Vol.1 & 2

L-CDP Guitar & Bass  (Thanks to the supplier)

L-CDP Orchestral Winds  (Thanks to the supplier, 15-7-2018)

Roland Sample CDs – Third Party:

(Update: 28-8-2016)

Smoov Grooves

(Update: 16-1-2017)

Club 50 – Foundations